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You can see on this site old historic Radios, TV's and Computers. I restored all of the equipment and it is in full operating condition. If you are interested in one (or more) units, contact me please. (contact)

Here are links pertaining to Tube radio maintenance . Capacitor tips: captips

Info about me

I studied from 1965 to 1968 "Radio- und Fernsehtechniker" at Grundigs branch office in Dortmund. Then I was employed for nearly 30 years by IBM as CE for mainframe service. After early retirement I founded EDV- und Radio-Nostalgieservice. For tube testing I use a W20 from Bittorf & Funke.

I am member of Gesellschaft der Freunde der Geschichte des Funkwesens (GFGF) and Radiomuseum.org


You can see some TVs serviced by me at Deutschen Arbeitsschutzausstellung (DASA) in Dortmund Dorstfeld.


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